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Deserts and suitcases

Life and people in it can be equated to walking across a vast desert.

In order to be able to put relationships in perspective, I often ask myself: “Would I want to walk across the desert with that person?” If I suddenly were bit by a poisonous snake and yelled out to them “go on! save yourself,” would they leave me? The fact is: some people would, and some people wouldn’t. Some people might save only one specific person, and very few others would not leave another in the desert.

My heartfelt thanks and eternal gratitude to a few of my generous desert companions (who will remain anonymous). These folks made magnanimous, unsolicited donations to my art materials expenses for projects and even more generously purchased my art. I now have what is needed to conduct my art projects overseas. You, my “team,” and friends make the journey through the desert a productive and positive experience for all! I also want to thank those of you who contributed toward smaller specific costs for enabling those aspects of my larger projects to succeed.

In a couple of days I’ll be flying through the sky instead of packing and re-packing my two suitcases. Each suitcase has a weight limit of fifty pounds. It isn’t easy to keep the weight that low with tons of art supplies. So far, I’ve eliminated most of my clothes and personal possessions and kept the art materials, which is fine, since it is art (not clothes) that unifies humanity!!!!

I look forward to updating you again from Amman.

Hi everyone,

I had originally planned to post my first blog after arriving in Amman at the end of August, but plans change! I recently returned from Washington, D.C., after attending the three day Fulbright Middle East pre-orientation program. It was an incredibly exhilarating three day experience! I’ve never met an entire group of nicer, more courteous, present, interesting, and respectful people. The Fulbright selection committee must have a magic formula for selecting finalists, and whatever it is, it works.

The people involved in the Fulbright (on every level) bring to mind the expression “one person practicing one virtuous quality can change an entire city.” Not only was I introduced to subjects I’d never even thought about before such as: Astrogeology, formats for correcting misinterpretations of documented history, ground breaking educational opportunities for women, and too many more subjects to mention, I came away with a true interest in personally unchartered territories.

Positive impact and results are all about leadership. Alain McNamara, the Executive Director of The Binational Fulbright Commission in Jordan, and the Commission’s Board of Directors’ Selection Review Committee and staff created an extended family out of two hundred plus people, who previously did not know each other, in a mere three days.

We attract what we want, and I’m very grateful I attracted this!