Mosaic and rose

I’m posting the following three days late. Each day turns into the next day very fast here. One of these days I’ll catch up with myself.

Today is September 2nd. Mismar, the realtor who handled my apartment rental, is bringing over the four boxes I mailed three months ago via Diplomatic Pouch to the Fulbright House. Each box weighs forty pounds and is filled with art supplies for the women’s art salon. Once the boxes are in my apartment I will feel secure. The boxes are analogous to my future children, aka: my future works of art.

“Mom” Susanna and my adopted Facebook “son” – Son Khaldoon

Later today at 4:00 pm I will be meeting with my Facebook-adopted son, Son Khaldoon, for the first time. We met on Facebook about three months ago. He is twenty-six, lives in the north near the border and takes a bus to Amman where he works at a bank. He is on vacation from the university where he’s studying for a Ph.D. in accounting. Claire, a  Fulbrighter, will be joining us. In Khaldoon’s last email to me he wrote, “You are my American friend.” I’m surprising him, he will soon get to know more than one American. Claire is a school teacher who, luckily for my son and I,  knows Arabic.

The people here are incredibly kind, patient, welcoming and generous. They seem to be from an altered universe, the kind of people that should be everywhere.

Onward! I’ll update the events of the day with photos:

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2 thoughts on “Diplomatic Pouch Delivery

  1. Like the photos Suzie! You are looking like you have settled in and are about to get to work! Happy you met your “son.”

  2. I know, Carole. My son is a very fine young man. I’m glad I finally got to meet him!
    It is the perfect mother-son relationship since I can’t speak any Arabic. We get along great. No problems in this family!

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