Fulbright Peeps…

David, Suzanne and Randal

Dear People,

So sorry to have sent out eight links to the Old Citadel blog! I am still learning how to use WordPress. Hopefully nothing like that will happen again. 

These are photos of lovely Fulbright Peeps. I’d like to photograph all of the Fulbrighters here in Amman. So, please ask me to snap a couple of pics when I see you! We all need pics! Also, I am always more than happy to snap everyone’s picture, as you can see below! (click on images to enlarge):

3 thoughts on “Fulbright Peeps…

  1. Suzanne, the pix are exciting. So pleased to be invited to be part of this thrilling journey which, knowing what you have produced in the past, will yield art so amazing in its beauty that it takes the breath away. Carry on!

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