Rainbow Street and Downtown

My new blouse, Rainbow Street
My new blouse, Rainbow Street

Today, September 5, Zohreh and I went to Rainbow Street and walked around. I bought a great blouse with numerous patterns and designs for 14JD, it was on sale from 20JD. I like the styles and fashion of the women’s clothing here. We then met David and Randall for lunch at a nice outdoor restaurant, a cross between Moroccan and Jordanian furnishings and lunch fare.
The four of us walked down the steps to Downtown Amman where there are endless dress shops and an outdoor covered fruit and vegetable market by the mosque.
I am being the typical tourist with camera in hand on all occasions. During all of my past international jaunts I felt self-conscious displaying a camera and ended up with very few photographs. Not this time! I’ll have plenty of visual references for the “nuances” of life here that I’ll want to reference in my future art.
That’s it for the “tourist day.” I’m now back inside my lovely apartment looking at the Old Citadel in the distance. I will spend a relaxing but treacherous few hours sewing beads on the canvas for the women’s art salon. I say treacherous because the beads are the size of seed beads and require extremely small needles. The needles have a habit of puncturing the tips of my fingers and the canvas is a very rough texture that scrapes skin off hands and forearms. Fun, fun! I bought white cotton gloves for the women to wear to protect their hands. I’ll try wearing a glove (with the tips cut off) for a change.
I am now drinking a cup of instant Arabic coffee, at least I think it is coffee. It kind of tastes like bullion, maybe it is. Bullion with milk and sugar isn’t the best drink in the world. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, but it’s definitely “interesting.”

2 thoughts on “Rainbow Street and Downtown

  1. Suzie, thanks so much for sharing your experiences there in this way. What fun to see the vegies and the nuts in the souk with you through the pictures! It was great to think about the white gloves and the beads and the funny coffee-bullion that might or might not be either one of those things. Happy adventures to you!!!

  2. Hi Jennie, Right now my “experience” involves trying to figure out how to use this blog. So, how is New Mexico? Maybe I should try to be there next year. It would be fun to run around with you again. You’d love it here, Jennie. It is like a second home. The people are exceptionally courteous, open and hospitable.

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