Jabal Al Weibdeh – neighborhood essentials

The following is a photo of my new hair-do, blowing in the wind. Although it’s not apparent in the photo, my Elvis duck tail is just what I wanted. I invited my hair stylist in Arizona, Lorrinda, to visit me while I’m in Jordan, but so far she hasn’t accepted my invitation. Yosef is now my “trim” hair stylist. I couldn’t have asked for a better or more affable “away from home” barber!

New hair cut
New hair cut

The following is a photo of Yosef with Khalid. Khalid was sent to stay for awhile in Jordan by his father, a good friend of Yosef’s.

Yusuf and Khalid
Yosef and Khalid

Everything that is essential for daily living is available in Paris Circle. We have the Stop and Shop that sells every item a household could want or need, including a food counter with ready made entrées, cheese and condiments. Stop and Shop has every soft drink in the world, including canned coffee from Taiwan, kitchenwares and mouse traps.

Stop and Shop, Paris Circle
Stop and Shop, Paris Circle

The Arab bank is in the Paris Circle (for withdrawing and exchanging money) and there are plenty of cafes within the first block of the five intersecting streets that converge in the circle. We also have shops for stationary, Jordan Hand Crafts, Mosaic Tile (and ceramic ware), beads and thread, fresh fruit and vegetables, hookah lounges and restaurants, and an internet cafe.

Paris Circle fruit and vegetable shop
Paris Circle fruit and vegetable shop

The internet cafe, @Cafe, is owned by Amjad Al Barcothy (pictured in the photograph).

Amjad Al Barcothy, owner of @Cafe
Amjad Al Barcothy, owner of @Cafe

Today my mission was to get photocopies of documents. I thought I’d need to traverse a million steps to find a copy place Downtown. I was pleasantly surprised to find Amjad’s @Cafe in Paris Circle. It is the second shop from the Circle on the street next to Sandra Flowers and More. @Cafe charges one JD per hour for use of one of their many laptops, free coffee and photocopies for ten piaster’s per page, with a discount for seven or more copies. It is open from ten in the morning until one in the morning. Amjad and I had an enjoyable lengthy conversation, using the translator on one of his laptops, while Mohammad printed photocopies of my documents.

Muhammad Nassr, @Cafe employee
Mohammad Nsaar, @Cafe employee

Now that I’m familiar with the neighborhood, I feel more comfortable about branching out into greater Amman. The shops are, almost on the whole, owned by generation after generation of the same family. The family business has been passed down from one generation to the next, ad infinitum. Each generation has pride of ownership that is evidenced in the quality of their service and hospitable interaction. As I said before, I couldn’t have been plopped in a better place in Jordan than Jabal Al Weibdeh (pronounced, and sometimes spelled, Web-dah).


Crossing Paris Circle
Crossing Paris Circle

Each day and night I do some beading on the canvas. Beading through thick, heavy canvas isn’t easy, and the light at night is not good, but art must go on!

Canvas detail, sewing beads
Canvas detail, sewing beads

5 thoughts on “Jabal Al Weibdeh – neighborhood essentials

  1. I like it that you know the neighbors and the neighborhood. I want to see the tiles you spoke of. What a beauty filled place!

    1. Hi Andrea, I’ll have some tiles posted soon. I have so many photos it’s hard to find anything in them. My camera, 25 year old pocket camera, just went kaput. I now have a new pocket camera that works, thank goodness. I can even zoom in and take close ups! the tiles ‘they are a coming”…I can now take good pics of them.
      love, suzie

  2. Fun and complete neighborhood you have. Good haircut as well. Enjoy the descriptions of shops and owners. Makes your daily life much more real to me!

    1. Carole, If it wasn’t for Sophia in Canada helping me navigate my blog I wouldn’t even know how to comment on comments! Sorry it’s taken so long to thank you for your comments and to get back to you. love to you, sooz

  3. Suzie, it is great that you can share your experiences with so many of us back in the States (and elsewhere) this way. I’m posting almost everything on facebook so that my facebook buddies can share your adventures, too. I just love the way the canvas is shaping up with the beads! It is so cool!! The feel of East/West merging is beginning to happen!

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