Thanksgiving Is No Longer Thanksgiving Without Julie’s Sweet Potato Soufflé!

Last night was the annual Fulbright Thanksgiving dinner. It was the nicest, warmest, hospitable evening and the most delicious Thanksgiving dinner that I’ve ever had. Thanks to the efforts of Alain, Iman, the staff, and I’m sure Alain’s wife Kathy Sullivan, it couldn’t have been a nicer evening. Alain welcomed us and made us feel at home before we headed off to the next room to fill our plates. All the Fulbrighter’s were asked to prepare and bring their favorite dish. The main meal spread was outlandishly beautiful and tasty, and three long tables were covered with deserts.

Amira and I worked late yesterday. She wasn’t being picked up until seven o’clock to go home, so she accompanied me to the dinner. It was her very first Thanksgiving dinner. I sat at a table with Nehal, her mother Saleema, Amira, Claire, and a newly employed office assistant and her friend. Claire, Nehal and myself were the only one’s at our table who had experienced a Thanksgiving dinner before. I made sure that everyone at our table ate some of Julie’s absolutely fantastically delicious sweet potato soufflé. I have never tasted such scrumptious sweet potato’s before. I also made sure that the Thanksgiving “newbies” at my table ate cranberries, pumpkin pie and pecan pie. What is Thanksgiving without those foods? Without them it isn’t a true thanksgiving feast. The “newbies” said they had never tasted anything so scrumptious. The company and food were a delight for all of us.

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Thank you Alain, Iman, the staff, and Alain’s wife Kathy Sullivan for the best and happiest Thanksgiving of my life!

1 thought on “Thanksgiving Is No Longer Thanksgiving Without Julie’s Sweet Potato Soufflé!

  1. A gathering of the joyful, sharing scrumptious delights!

    Be sure to ask Julie for the recipe of her ambrosial sweet potato soufflé!

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