Mannequins Against Violence

1.Recently, I made a return trip to Zarca with Zohreh, escorted by Amira and her friend Shaima. My mission was to photograph the mannequins I didn’t get a chance to photograph during my first visit.

Zarca outing
Zarca outing

Zarca is the second most populated city in Jordan, Amman being the first. Many Christians live in Zarca which means the size of the souk during the Christmas season increases.

6.Before getting down to business and photographing the most unique mannequins I’ve ever encountered, we started our tour with cappuccinos and cups of corn

Cappuccino and corn
Cappuccino and corn

Zorheh shopped for wine glasses in the bottom floor of an antique shop that was filled with kitchen ware.

We walked from one end of the souk to the other, which means walking through a maze of crowded streets with an endless assortment of items for sale.

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All that walking required partaking in a mid-day meal at a family restaurant.


During all this walking and partaking I did manage to accomplish my real mission for the day: photographing mannequins.

The comfy chairs look awfully appealing when you’re tired, but instead of relaxing and gathering up energy for more “souking,” we took a cab back to Paris Circle and I walked back to my apartment, happy to be living here in my temporarily-adopted hometown.56.

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