Youth Recycled Art Workshop

Shortly after moving into my apartment in Webdeh at the end of August I met Khalid Homsi, who had recently opened an art gallery in Paris Circle. I mentioned Khalid previously. After his design business in Syria was bombed a few months ago he moved to Jordan.

1 Khalid with gallery entry sign

The gallery is a space located in the same block of buildings as Sandra’s Flowers (Ibraheem’s flower shop), Aiman’s cosmetic shop, and the water store (owned by Ghassan who owns all the buildings on the block).4 Iman and Ibraheem.

2 Ghassan and Khalid.

3 Khalid, Ghassan, tree.The first time I met Khalid we went to Kepi Cafe, across from his gallery in Paris Circle, and he told me all about his plans for the gallery.  At the time the gallery space was gutted. We also talked about doing a children’s recycled art workshop and Christmas party with an opening for the children’s art work.

It is now December 27. We held the children’s workshop in the gallery yesterday afternoon.6 workshop info.

Prior to the workshop I made twenty “recycled hair roller peeps.” Each child chose a hair roller peep to attach to their canvas with other assorted recycled objects.7 recycled hair roller peeps by Suzanne Klotz.

The workshop was a great success. Eighteen children attended, many accompanied by a parent. Some of the business owners in Paris Circle contributed bakery goods, drinks and gifts for the children. Khalid, Amira, Shaimaa and myself supervised and worked with the children. Aimman donated wonderful gifts for the children, watches and nail polish. A big hit!8 artists working. artists working.13 artists working.12 artists at work.10 artists working.9 artists at work.8 artists working.28 workshop group.Tomorrow night, December 28, Young Eyes Gallery is hosting a party for the children and an opening exhibit of their art work. The public is welcome! Please come!recycle poster

1 thought on “Youth Recycled Art Workshop

  1. Suzie,

    Beautiful children…beautiful art!. Some of these children will undoubtedly grow up as artists. You can see it in their work!

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