Everyone is a Star!

In preparation for the kids recycled art exhibit and party, Amira, Khalid and Shaimaa were busy making sock puppets for each of the kids enrolled in the workshop. [Click on image to enlarge]:

sock puppets galore!
sock puppets galore!

Khalid created a unique Christmas tree constructed of lights, suspended from the ceiling in the exhibition gallery.

Suzanne with Christmas tree created by Khalid in his gallery
Suzanne with Christmas tree created by Khalid in his gallery

Khalid, the twelve year old boy I met shortly after arriving in Jordan, was my impetus for doing the workshop and exhibit. He moved to Jordan, temporarily, from Syria with his father. Khalid and I were both on the same footing when we met, strangers in a strange land. It’s important for a child to have the opportunity to be a star and to shine. An art show is the perfect opportunity for this.

The following are photographs snapped at the opening exhibition:

the children and their art
the children and their art, Khalid is on the left
under the tree
under the tree
photographer Khalid
photographer Khalid

I am continually amazed by the generosity of the people I’ve met in Jordan. Ibraheem donated a basket full of prettily wrapped flowers for the blooming artists and attendees, Automat Pastries donated a scrumptious assortment of pastries and Oregano (Aiman’s shop) donated the children’s gifts.

flower basket
beautiful flower basket from Ibraheem’s shop, Sandra’s Flowers
Saber Nimri, Automat Pastries, Paris Circle
delicious pastries from Saber Nimri, Automat Pastries, Paris Circle
Aiman's shop, Oregano 2
children’s gifts from Aiman’s shop, Oregano 2

More photos here: https://www.facebook.com/youngeyesofficial

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