Toasty Warm

Claire and Mia had a pre-Christmas party for Fulbright peeps during the first snow here. It is not obvious in the photographs, but it was extremely cold, especially indoors because of the lack of central heating (that works). Claire and Mia cranked up their portable heater and  for the first time since the arrival of the snow we were all toasty-warm. Great food and even greater company!1 Claire and Mia.2  Randal, Christina, Julie.3 Randal, Christina, Julie.4 Randal, Christina, Julie.5 Jordan and Claire and somebody behind Claire.6 Garrett.7 Mia.8 Julie and Jordan.9 Zohreh and Jordan.10 group.11 Garrett, Randal, Christina.12 Garrett, Randal, Christina.13 group.15 group final.

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