7 Keys + More Grand Success

The opening of the exhibit “7 Keys + More” at Gallery 14 was a grand success. To sum it up, thanks to the efforts, creativity and friendship of many exceptional people the exhibition and opening could not have been better! 1 Embroideres and artists.A heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed and supported the exhibition!2 Amira, Suzanne, Sharif Hind Nasser, gallery director.3 canvas and keys.4 group.5 group.6 Khaled Homsi, Suliman, Suzanne, Garrett.7 Alain, Eda, Kathy.8 Dima, Suzanne, Deyala, Dalal.9 Hind's Interactive piece.10 Nahid and Hind's interactive piece.11 group.12 Suliman, Iraheem, Suzanne, Amira.13 Artists and embroiderers.14 Suliman, Hanan, Bssma Elias, Tahseen.15 Suzanne and canvas.16 artists and embroiderers.17 Majedah, embroidered dress.18 Majedah.19 Hanan, Suzanne, Majedah.

1 thought on “7 Keys + More Grand Success

  1. Keys to the House of a Giant with hearts just as big.
    Not sure what is the greater work of art, the art piece or their lives pieced together.

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