Farewell Dinner

Wa’el, the owner of Potato and Salad Restaurant in Webdeh, invited Julie De Soto and I to a farewell dinner for me the other night.1 Julie and Wael.Ya’arob Rousan, a fantastic chef, prepared and roasted “the best cut” of lamb and stuffed it with his special rice mixed with herbs and other ingedients. It was incredibly delicious. I could eat it every night for the rest of my life, but considering Ya’arob lives in Jordan and I live in Arizona I’ll be eating it in my dreams.2 Layth and Ya'arob.3 Ya'arob.4 Ya'arob.5 Layth, browning lamb roast.While I was taking photos white orbs kept appearing in the lens frame. Regardless of where I stood in the room round orbs and orbs with tails kept zooming around in the room.6 ghost auras.7 ghost auras moved.Ya’arob’s mother and some of Wa’el’s friends joined us for dinner.9 Ya'arob and his mother.8.10 eating crew.11 pre-eating.12 Layth carving.13.14 auras watching.15 dinner.16 the best part.17 fini.A huge THANK YOU to the beautiful men, who all know how to cook, for my farewell dinner! Their warmth, friendship and hospitality is enough to compensate for any unrequited “hospitality” in the past and for the rest of my life!

3 thoughts on “Farewell Dinner

  1. Hi Suzie. Please contact me. We’re planning a trip to Jordan and Palestine to film a documentary about Bedouin art and would like to talk with you about it.

    Trust you had a good trip home.

    Howie @ nativeartsfanclub.org

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