Beauty Queens and Jamming

There are a couple of shops in Paris Circle that are definitely worth knowing about. Oregano is a cosmetics and “nifty stuff” shop owned by Aiman All Jallad. Aiman can be contacted on Facebook.1 AimanAnjulee works in the shop. I’m not sure how to spell or pronounce her name so I call her Jenny.2 Aiman's shop, Jenny-OhjaneyHis shop has  numerous colors and brands of lipsticks and cosmetics. I have been searching for a purple lipstick on line and off line for ten years. I told Aiman about my purple lipstick dilemma and he said, “Don’t worry, I’ll get it for you.” Within in a few days I returned to his shop and purchased five tubes of purple lipstick for one JD each. Amazing!3 Aiman's shop4 Aiman's shop, Jenny5 Aiman's shop6 Aiman's shop7 Aiman's shop8 Aiman's shop9 Aiman's shop10 Suzanne and AimanThe shop a couple of doorways from Aiman’s shop is Namliyeh Jam Shop. The owners are two young women, Manal Abushmais and Aya Shaban.11 jam girls12Manal and Aya make the jam from fresh Jordanian produce, the best fruit I’ve ever tasted. Their jam and marmalade is, by far, the best I have ever eaten.1313a Amira141517Before walking back to my apartment from Paris Circle I noticed Ibriheem decorating a shiny new automobile with flowers in front of his shop.18 Ibriheem's wedding carI went over to talk to the men surrounding the car to find out why the car was being decorated.  One of the men explained that his nineteen year old cousin was getting married that evening. It’s a custom to decorate the groom’s car with floral arrangements a few hours prior to the wedding. When a man asks the father of a female for permission to marry her he is required to sign a contract. The contract stipulates that the future son-in-law must own a car, is employed, owns a house, pays a substantial dowry, and pays for the wedding expenses. 19 wedding car (2)20 wedding car (1)A low-end amount for a wedding is fifteen thousand JD’s. If he can’t provide the aforementioned then he is not given permission to marry the man’s daughter. Sounds like good planning to me!

Walking down the hill to my apartment I stopped at the little corner market, Al Nahas, owned by Saleem.21 Al-Nahas, Saleem's corner storeI’ve been here almost six months. It wasn’t until about ten days ago that I first went into the little market. I had been purposely avoiding it because I thought the prices would be higher than in the large market in Paris Circle. My false assumption about little markets selling things at higher prices was totally wrong. I could have saved lots and lots of money by shopping at Saleem’s market instead of trekking up the hill to Stop and Shop.23 Interior Saleem's shop22 Saleem and SuzanneLive and learn!

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