About Suzie & her team

Suzanne Klotz in front of her tapestry painting titled Eye, acrylic on canvas, beading, embroidery, 97x127 cm, Farhart Art Museum Collection
Suzanne Klotz in front of her tapestry painting titled Eye, acrylic on canvas, beading, embroidery, 97×127 cm, Farhart Art Museum Collection

Suzanne Klotz instituted multi-cultural art programs and exhibitions in South Australia, West Africa, Mexico, Taiwan, Israel, Palestine, and in numerous states in the United States. Klotz’s artist-residencies include the Sun Valley Center for the Arts, Oklahoma Arts Institute and Lakeside Studio, Michigan. Klotz was an artist-in-residence and arts consultant for the South Australian Aborigines at an Aboriginal Center in Berri, South Australia.  During the 1990’s Klotz conducted art workshops in Palestinian refugee camps and arranged exhibitions and guest artist opportunities for Palestinian artists in the United States.

Klotz’s awards include grants from the Pollock-Krasner Foundation, Puffin Foundation, Change Inc, 3 New York Artists’ Fellowships, Capelli d’Angeli Foundation, 2 National Endowment for the Arts Craftsman Fellowships, National Endowment for the Arts Dance and Performance Fellowship, Arizona Artists’ 3-D Fellowship, Arizona Governor’s Award for Women Who Create and Educate, Arizona Governor’s City Improvement Award for a commissioned public park sculpture, Texas Tech University’s Most Distinguished 2-D Graduate Alumni Award, and an endowed fund for Palestinian Educators dedicated to Suzanne Klotz.

Klotz attended Washington University in St. Louis for two years of undergraduate education. She holds a BFA Degree from the Kansas City Art Institute, MFA Degree from Texas Tech University, and Secondary Teaching Certification from the University of Missouri Kansas City.

Her academic appointments, Associate Professor of Fine Arts, include universities and schools of higher education in Arizona, California, Texas, Utah, and South Australia. Her art has been exhibited in over 300 exhibitions internationally since 1972 and is in numerous public, corporate and private collections.

please visit Suzanne Klotz’s website

& view her artist resume CV

People helping Suzie

Ahmad Caanan
Ahmad Caanan – Jordan Liaison

Ahmad Canaan was born in Tamra, Upper Galilee, in 1965, and has lived there ever since. Between1984–1985 he studied painting in Tamra with the artist Khalil Rayan, and continued his studies at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, where he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1989.  Ahmad received a Diploma in Museum Studies from Tel Aviv University in 2007. He taught sculpture at the Arab Institute for Continuing Studies, Sakhnin 1999–2006. Ahmad founded, directed and was the curator of the municipal gallery, Tamra, from 2004 to 2010. He taught art in Nazareth College in 2009, and in 2010–2011 he was the curator of the Jaffa Salon of Palestinian Art. Click here to view Ahmad’s CV and here to view his past exhibitions.

Sophia Isajiw
Sophia Isajiw

Sophia Isajiw is an artist, writer, university professor, curator, gallery director, event coordinator, administrator and more. She received her MFA at the California Institute of the Arts and her BFA at the University of Toronto and has held a lot of amazing positions in prestigious art institutions in the U.S.A and Canada. For Suzanne Klotz’s Fulbright Project, Sophia is the Chief Editor/Writer and Program Coordinator for whatever comes up on the project and the blog administrator – she really does miss the long walks and talks shared with Suzanne back in California! Sophia wishes to live on the beach again but is temporarily delayed in downtown Toronto, Canada. Click here to access Sophia’s resume/CV and images.

Morgan Norris works on the blog at Suzanne's house
Morgan Norris works on the blog at Suzanne’s house

Morgan Norris is currently receiving her BFA in Art Education at Arizona State University.  She is both an artist, with a focus in sculpture, and an educator who will be completing her student teaching in the fall of 2013.  Morgan’s work has been featured in numerous exhibits at the historic Icehouse and Alwun House in Phoenix, Arizona.  Morgan is interning with Suzanne and helping her with her Fulbright Project by setting up this blog and keeping it up to date with current information.  She is also updating Suzanne’s networking and social media websites.  Suzanne is mentoring Morgan and helping her set up a professional portfolio in order to apply to graduate school.  She hopes to venture away from Phoenix into a land of forests and clean air.

Jan Parkinson
Jan Parkinson
Jan Parkinson was involved in the development, production, distribution and/or promotion of more than 100 television movies for the award-winning Hallmark Hall of Fame series. One out of every four actors who have ever won an Academy Award has appeared in a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie. Parkinson has also written and produced more than 60 short “behind-the-scenes” documentaries about movies in the series.
An Untitled Film: Suzanne Klotz and Seven Women’s House Keys
This film will attempt to capture the stories within the story of the creation of Suzanne Klotz’s major art project that will be developed with input from seven Palestinian women in Amman, Jordan. The creation of the large canvas/tapestry as well as the personal stories of the seven women and Klotz herself are areas to be explored. The film also begins as a blank canvas and will be shaped by observation of the artist and her collaborators. It will be connected to Klotz’s work because that is the only reason for its existence, but it will stand apart. The filmmaker has chosen not to give the film “a working title” as a reminder to avoid imposing any outside agenda, point of view, or direction on the project.

3 thoughts on “About Suzie & her team

  1. Dearest Suzie,
    So happy to see you working with such amazing people this is where you deserve to be and you have worked hard and sacrificed so much to be in this position, thinking of you and wish you every success.
    Love Arini

  2. Suzie,
    I can hardly believe that the day is almost here. When I first heard about this adventure, it was simply an idea — an idea translated into words on paper to capture the imagination of the Fulbright folks.
    I could see it was becoming real during my visit in June when you showed me the supplies you had been assembling: sketch pads, pencils, paints, brushes, miles of embroidery thread, needles, scissors, gloves and beads…hundreds and hundreds of beads that you had carefully selected. Piled on tables in your studio, they had become more than a collection of things. In your eyes, they represented a vision waiting to become a reality.
    But even when I was with you 10 days ago, this moment still seemed a long way off. Now it is happening.
    I want to thank you for sharing part of this incredible experience with me, but even more, for opening your world to me. I have discovered what a remarkable person you are (and that is in addition to being an amazing artist — to borrow Jim Ballinger’s words, you are “an original voice.”).
    Savor every moment. They are a gift…just as you are a gift to me and everyone who is fortunate enough to know you.
    See you in Amman.
    Jan Parkinson

  3. As you have always served to uplift spirits, protect the innocent and make a lot of noise with your words, may you be well served and empower these women while opening the keys to their hearts with your special talents. Seven is a special number with a lot of good fortune attached to it. May you be fortunate in all your endeavors. Much success to all of you as Artists and Artisans of Peace and Reconciliation!

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