Ask Any Bear

I emailed Sophia Isajiw, my blog manager, the other day and mentioned that my apartment is extremely cold and I am so tired that I feel like I could sleep for a year. Sophia lives in Canada. My home base is in Arizona, and has been since 1975. Sophia is accustomed to cold weather. I am not. Sophia’s response to my email was, “You need some warmth to sleep for a year! Being in the cold is not very conducive to good sleep, as any bear will tell you!” I haven’t seen any bears here to ask about the effects of the cold on sleep, but I have seen hundreds of cats.

The cats, although feral, are quite friendly and appear to be healthy. They take up residence in trash bins, apartment hallways, under tables at outdoor cafes, and any place of their choosing.1 trash bin with cat.3 cat on couch.3 cats in street.

Fulbrighter Julie DeSoto and I went to Graffiti Cafe to escape our cold apartments the other night to talk about all the things we have left to do on our bucket lists. Mustafa, our waiter, made Julie the most uniquely creative and cat-friendly cappuccino I’ve ever seen.4 Julie at Graffiti Cafe.5 Rabbit.6 Julie and Mustafa.

When Julie added sugar the rabbit actually pursed it’s little lips and swallowed it!7 Rabbit eating sugar.

Between Webdeh and downtown Amman there are some beautiful meditative places. Within the walled confine of Darat Al Funon there are steps that lead downward to numerous terraces that eventually bring one closer to downtown. Yesterday, while visiting the terraces at Darat Al Funon, I happened upon Fulbrighter Jordan Denari who was also enjoying some quiet time viewing the ancient ruins.8 Jordan at Darat Al Funon terrace.9 Darat Al Funon terrace.10 Darat Al Funon terrace.11 Darat Al Funon terrace.12 Darat Al Funon terrace.13 Darat Al Funon mosaic path.14 Darat Al Funon terrace.15 Darat Al Funon terrace wall.16 Jordan, Darat Al Funon terrace.

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